Sliding Vane Compressor

Sliding Vane  Compressor
Sliding Vane Compressor
Product Description

 Swam, Offers most advance and energy efficient sliding vane compressors for bio gas landfill gases with pressure upto 2.8 bar and manufactured on CNC Machine. The Sliding vane compressor have very high ac-curacies and are manufactured on CNC machines. The sliding Vane Compressors are available for flows up to 2350 CFM (4000 M3/Hr)


A cylindrical Rotor turns eccentrically in .cylindrical stator of larger diameter. The free space left between Stator and Rotor is half moon shaped. Some slots are milled in the Rotor and stratified graphite blades slide freely in these slots. As Rotor rotates due to centrifugal force, blades come out and forced against cylindrical casing, hence create individual cells with reducing volumes during rotation from suction to discharge Unmatched Performance, Superior Technology, Trouble Free Operation

Main Advantages Of Using, Swam Sliding :

  • High operating efficiency the power needed for the compression is well lower than that required for other types of compressor with consequent lower operating costs.
  • Simple construction and ease of maintenance.
  • Gas flows without pulsation.
  • Internal protection during compression of gas. The thin film of lubricating oil in the Vane Compressors used for purely mechanical purposes, plays also two important roles.
  • IT protects the compressor internal surfaces form attack of acids contained in the gas. Due to this, the sliding Vane Rotary compressor is the only machine made of common materials such as cast iron and ordinary steel which do not need any protection against such gases.
  • Provides lubrication of bearings and blades &also helps in removal of the impurities which are in the gas in the form of solid or liquid particles.
  • Suitable for wide range of applications like air & combustible gases etc.
  • MOC of Casing, Rotor and Blades is Cast Iron, cast steel and light stratified spark-free material.
  • Single or double- acting metallic seals depending on operating pressure.
  • Flexible coupling without metal to metal contact between driving and driven parts.
  • Small no of part in motion guarantees low maintenance as compared to other technologies available in the same pressure range.
  • Easy replacement of blades reduces equipment down-time for maintenance.
  • Self compensating blades ensures constant volumetric efficiency over entire equipment life.
  • Lubrication oil also protects internal surface from acid attacks in combustible gases application. Small footprint low noise and vibration.
  • Unmatched Performance, Superior Technology, Trouble Free Operation
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